Goodbye Burgers, Hello Steaks

Lamb burgers (mint, onions, feta, parsley) with homemade tzazki sauce, corn on the cob, and baked sweet potato 'fries' from Theo (


1.  Cherry Street East                      31%

2. Burger Bar and Bistro                 15%

2. The Black Duck                             15%

3. Cookout                                          8%

3. Jackson Hole                                 8%

3. Burgers, Shakes and Fries        8%

3. Hudson’s                                         8%

May was a great month for meat lovers and I capped it off with my first stop in search of my favorite hamburger at Jackson Hole in Queens, NY (it just might be my favorite burger right now, post to follow). Many of you let me know who makes your favorite burger and some sent pictures, below are the pictures of your creations.

Dram Shop, Brooklyn, NY from Chris (


Inside-Out Burger! Carmelized onions, bacon, mozarella cheese with a hint of hoisin sauce in between two well seasoned ground beef patties from Treisha (


Now we have stepped into June which is a great month honoring another one of my favorite foods, steak! It only makes sense that June is National Beef Steak month as the weather is getting nice around the country, many of you are lighting up your grills. So check out the poll and let me know what your favorite cut of meat is and send your steak pictures to the La Buena Vida Facebook page and I will post them on the blog at the end of the month.

Steak cuts as expained by (, my favorite cut is Rib-eye, what about you?

Rib-eye; this cut is a top choice because it has abundant marbling. As the rib-eye cooks this marbling melts into the meat and creates a juicy, rich tasting cut of meat.

Porterhouse; this cut also has plentiful marbling. The porterhouse has a top loin that is moist and flavorful and a smooth buttery soft tenderloin. This cut is a popular choice in restaurants featuring deals such as eat all of our 26 ounce steak and your entire meal is free. Be forewarned this is a lot of meat, I have seen many brave souls try and only one succeed. He had a stomach ache for two days.

New York Strip; this is a t-bone with the tenderloin and bone cut away. This is a good quality cut of meat and can usually be found at a lower price per pound than the preceding cuts.

T-bone; this is an excellent cut for couples who like to share. The smaller tenderloin is a few delicate bites while the New York strip can satisfy the heartier appetite.

Filet Mignon; this choice is usually a more costly choice but is well worth the additional expense if you are looking for the most tender and moist cut of meat. You will not find the intense flavor of a rib-eye or porterhouse but this is still an excellent cut of meat.

Top Sirloin; this cut is a lesser grade but larger cut of meat. A family of four can eat from one top sirloin. Try to buy the top or prime grade, they will be tenderer than the lower grades.

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