Tortilla Chips

Eating warm homemade tortilla  chips beats a bag of  that has sat on the shelf at Piggly Wiggly any day. It’s easy and if you have the time and motivation it will impress your guest. All you need is oil, corn tortillas and seasoning. The best type of oil to use is corn or canola oil but you can experiment with different oils. Those two are the best because they are resistant to high heat and flavor neutral. I plan to try different things like garlic oil or canola oil with some meat oil added in ( like bacon oil ). You can also experiment with different seasoning, I used old bay for this one.


1 package of  corn tortillas

canola oil (enough for deep-frying)

old bay

Pour oil in a large vessel for deep frying and bring oil to 375 degrees. Cut the circular stack of corn torillas into four even wedges. Drop some wedges into the hot oil. Drop as many as you can without over crowding to avoid the chips sticking together. When the chips are golden brown and floating, remove from the oil to paper towels. Season chips while still hot and fry the next batch. You can store them in a warm oven until ready to eat.

An ungrateful man is like a hog under a tree eating acorns, but never looking up to see where they come from.
– Timothy Dexter

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