Elevation Burger – Worth the Lofty Price Tag?

Elevation Burger / Raleigh, North Carolina Next month is National Burger Month and I will be out at sea, which means I will most likely go the full month without ...


Swans Cake 1

Whipping Cream Pound Cake: Nana’s Kitchen

Dain's Burger

Dain’s Place a Top College Bar in the US?

A couple of days ago, Dain’s Place on 9th Street, landed on ...

Chocolate Pecan Bourbon Pie

Let me start by saying, I am not particularly a pecan person. ...

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Clothing, Art, Beer and Music: Runaway Spring Release Party

  Looking for something to do this weekend? Saturday April 12th Runaway Clothing will be throwing a party in Durham to celebrate it’s 2014 Spring Release. The event celebrates the release of Runaway’s newest clothing delivery and Durham’s great community of supporters. This will be the first opportunity to purchase pieces from the new Spring 2014 […]

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The Carolina Theater built in 1923 is the cities last of the original theaters built in Durham

2014 Full Frame Documentary Film Festival

Each Spring since 1998, Durham has hosted the Full Frame Documentary Festival.  The festival provides an opportunity for Documentary Filmmakers to air their latest work to an eager public.  Scheduled over the course of four days, with showings from morning to midnight, the festival allows film lovers to view and discuss what they have just […]

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Little Guy at the Little Gym (VIDEO)

Every week we take our little guy to The Little Gym where he can have time to run, climb, jump and interact in what amounts to a large padded cell. There are small lessons in every class, whether its learning a specific action of body control or words. We have been taking him for about […]

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On display was artwork from dozens of local and national artists which were created and submitted in response to the record itself. Each piece of art will have a limited run of cassettes bearing the artist’s work.

No Light / No Dark – The Carrack

For the last couple of months I have been contributing to the Durham-based Clarion Content. In addition to being another outlet for my writing, photography and videos, it has also been an opportunity for me to swap ideas with some pretty sharp people and end up in some places that I might not normally happen […]

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Crawfish ready for action

Hey Pocky Way – Mardi Gras in Durham

Now that I have a little one running around I always appreciate when someone throws a party that is kid friendly without being kid centric. Where there is great food, cold beer and loud music so if your kid starts throwing a fit, its simply drowned out by the sweet sounds of a guitar, horns […]

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The Carolina Theater built in 1923 is the cities last of the original theaters built in Durham

Jamie McLean and Foy Vance Jam at The Carolina Theatre

One of my favorite things about capturing still pictures and video is the possibility of catching a completely original moment that can never be repeated. Sure you can act-out, stage or remake a moment that has already happened but it will never be as authentic and organic as its first time happening. Thats what happened […]

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Hey Pocky Way: Durham Mardi Gras Primer

This event is gearing up to be a good one for anyone who loves food and music. I saw Phil Cook  for the first time a couple months ago and looking forward to seeing him work magic on stage again. Chef Ricky Moore of The Saltbox has live crawfish coming in from New Orleans the […]

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jamla LBV-21

9th Wonder Presents: Jamla is the Squad at King’s Barcade

Last week I took the short trip down route 70 into Raleigh with two main objectives, listen to good music and continue to practice taking pictures at live indoor music events. The music was provided by former North Carolina Central alumni and Durham regular 9th Wonder, who was promoting his record label’s new compilation album […]

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Seaboard Maggie

Pistachio Chicken Salad for the Soul at Seaboard Cafe

I arrived at Logan’s Trading Company in Raleigh shortly after 9:00 a.m. on a chilly Monday morning. Logan’s is an indoor and outdoor garden center housed in a long red brick building that could pass as a town hall of some old country town. Pillars below a triangle Greek style pediment flank the entrance and […]

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American Meltdown

Chef’s Eye View on American Meltdown

If you have ever been to a food truck rodeo around the Triangle area, you get an idea from the crowds how popular food trucks are. The trucks here and around the country have raised the bar of the quality of food that can be expected from a moving box on four wheels. So when […]

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